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The passion to unlock potential.


Making the micro matter.

About Us


Set up by our two founding partners, SAS Micro was created to specialise in providing accountancy and taxation services for individuals and micro-entities

With experience working with larger commercial clients, we took the decision to set up an accountancy practice that focuses on providing quality and affordable services to individuals and smaller limited companies.

Why Us

Whats our unique selling point?

Simplicity. We believe in not over complicating things, ensuring you know whats happening and why.

We want to offer individuals and small businesses a service they can be proud of. We stand out by partnering with some excellent, well focused affiliates. We know our service can only go so far, that's why we bring to you the best other qualified professionals in various industries. These range from financial advisers to foreign exchange brokers and even Tide Bank!

We want you to be as informed as possible, that's why we write a blog and regularly post to social media.